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You may have heard a famous quote “Life is a beautiful music, only lyrics are messed up“. Well for me, I love to write and it doesn’t matter if lyrics are messed up as long as they present a meaning.

It all started with few words coming together many many years ago during my college days. I used to write couple rhyming lines in my mother tongue, Hindi and occasionally in English. And then more words were added here and there, till it could be called a Poem (or) Kavita in Hindi. Being into a professional IT world, I don’t find much time to devote to my writing. But when the mood is right, and fingers are ready to strike the keys on my laptop, I do create meaningful poems. Still a lot to learn and experience in life, but I think I have produced few good ones over last decade or so for you to enjoy.

Thanks for your time reading my poems. Please feel free to share comments, if any.

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