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Fund Raiser: Netherlands Cancer Research

Rotterdam, a nice and lovely city in The Netherlands. It will always be on my favorites list as this is the city that gave me my first Full Marathon. In Apr 2019, I had the privilege to run among thousands of runners from across the world along with my friend Amal Gupta from our running group RunKeeters. It was his first Full Marathon as well, and am not sure who pushed the other among the two of us but we both made it to the start point in Rotterdam on the day of run. The day was a bit warmer than what we had prepared for, but all the training from past 5-6 months under our coach Ian Dexter Ladbrooke, was more than sufficient to get us across the finish point. We had our up & down moments during the 42.195 Km distance, but topping the training we had under our coach was the big support from Rotterdam crowd. It was like a festivity, everywhere people cheering, singing, and motivating each runner on the road that day. Eventually, we both made it with a smile and some mixed emotions crossing that Finish mark, looking at the proud feeling in eyes of our spouse, kids, friends who were waiting on the other side of Finish. And finally the medal, that was well deserved and precious, as it marked our first ever long run in any event.

It was one of its kind experience, and quite frankly, not easy to put into words. However, I can say with 100% confidence that anyone who has crossed the finishing line, or would do it in future, will understand the experience very well. At the end, it was an awesome day with loads of memories that Amal and I will cherish forever.

This year, Apr 2020, Amal & I will participate again and we have decided to add another remembrance to our Rotterdam Marathon run. We have decided to raise funds to support Cancer Research in The Netherlands. The fund raiser happens every year and many other runners participate to raise as much as possible for Cancer Research. And so, we want to add to that bit by getting all the support from our friends, colleagues, family and anyone who would like to join us and support KWF in raising funds. The money is desperately needed, because still 1 in 3 people in the Netherlands is diagnosed with cancer.

Sponsor our running group RunKeeters through KWF fund raising link 'Click here' and help KWF with the financing of important cancer research.

We thank you in advance for your contribution and support.
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