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Digital Dreams

The future we are going towards looks quite interesting but sometimes I think if we are leaving something behind of greater value

I had a dream where I was in a dark room,
I think there were few more souls but no light no moon

Announcement was made about a grid that failed,
Really? We are in a digital age, ships now fly past is when they sailed

It’s been ages when candles were burnt,
Everything works automatically these days, we don’t care what are forefathers learnt

Machines are every where and sure are smarter than us,
Our knowledge has increased no doubt but bodies are getting rust

We have just started, I hear all intellects say,
Well if it’s just the beginning I see our future grey

Don’t see me as a person who does not want it all bright,
Tell me what’s the fun in digital, if we all sit together but we don’t love and we don’t fight

It’s all changing fast, an era we all want to enjoy,
But let’s not make machines our family, let them just be toys

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