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A Gift to Me – On My Birthday

On my sweet ‘n’ happy Birthday,

I thought of presenting a gift,
off-course to me, on my sweet ‘n’ happy Birthday.

So, what can i buy for myself?
Hmmm, let me think what I like,

A sky full of stars, or a garden full of flowers.
A round trip of oceans, or a night out on Mars.
Huh, its so difficult to decide,
I do all this stuff in my dreams, and tell you the truth
last night i was on Mars, it was so hot and i got so terrified.

OK, leave it. I don’t wanna think of it again,
Let me concentrate on the gift, I don’t have so much brain.
Hmmm, what should I buy?
Oh God, am completely puzzled.

OK, what about a sports bike,
Will that be nice, will it be a gift I like?
Hmmm, then how about a Ferrari, or a Mercedes A class,
or a house, a really big house, made entirely of glass.

Nope, that’s not what I like.
Nothing so cheap, its my b’day indeed.
My gift must be really sweet.

Hmmm, what can it be??? Think, think my dear …
Ya, that’s it, I got it, wow am really gonna like it.
I finally found a gift for me.
It’s so precious and I will love to get it.

A DAY OFF, Ya a Day Off.

I will give myself a Day-Off, from my work,

A Day-Off from my tensions, A Day-Off from my worries,
A Day-Off from hectic schedules, A Day-Off from all queries,
A Day-Off to chill out, A Day-Off to make my head cool,
A Day-Off to spend time with my family, A Day-Off in warm water by the pool,
A Day-Off to take my wife for a candle light dinner,
A Day-Off from life’s race and still being a winner.
A Day-Off when I won’t listen to anything wrong,
A Day-Off when I will celebrate with my family n my friends n strengthen all bonds

Ya that’s what I was looking for,
This will be the best gift that will take away all my mind’s heat,
A perfect gift, for the birthday boy who is just so sweet.

Many many happy returns of the day.
hApPy bIrThDaY to ME!!!

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